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watch it!

Did you attend an event at the Library lately? Check to see if we captured you and your friends "in the zone"!

Start Quote You want weapons? We're in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room's the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!   ˜Russell T. Davies , Dr. Who End Quote
Teen Librarian Shelly
Teen Librarian Sara
Teen Librarian Charlie

where in the world is charlie?

We wish teen librarian Charlie Hacker well as he sets off for an 18 month deployment as part of the 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Ohio Army National Guard. Watch this space for periodic updates from Charlie, follow his unit on his Combat Team's facebook page or the KFOR Multi-national Battle Group East facebook page and check out his photo album!

2-6-2017: "Camp Bondsteel recently got buried in snow. We experienced the worst snowstorm in the Balkans in years. We are still digging our way out of 24 inches of snow. I also recently got to visit the neighboring nation, Macedonia, and got to see some of the monuments there. One of the best is the Alexander the Great statue of him riding the horse, which overlooks his father's statue on the other side of the city. Also in Macedonia is the location of the once Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, where Mother Teresa was baptized. Inside the museum there are many items that belonged to Mother Teresa, who was from Macedonia, including her head scarf. One of the most unique things that I have done recently is teach Military writing to the host nations security force, with help from Corporal Gashani. On our free time we created a basketball league as well and I helped put together a team that finished as runners up, it was an exciting day, included in that picture is Captain Keller, Lieutenant Colonel Mackin, Sergeant First Class Williams, Thomas from Torres, and myself. Some things to look forward to I will have pictures for soon are from a DANCON march which is a 25 miles road march carrying 35 pounds in a ruck sack, sponsored by the Danish Contingent here and the edelweiss, where you climb a mountain up to the elevation of about 7500 ft, and earn the German mountain troops badge. "