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Are you thinking about going to college? Interested in buying a car? It may be time to start thinking about how you'll finance your future goals! Use the educational and fun resources below to learn how to set financial goals, manage your money, and invest in your future. In the Web Links section, you'll find some fun games that will teach you about smart money management. Make sure you're prepared for your future and start saving early!

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A one-of-a-kind job coaching service designed to help you land the job of your dreams! With support for every stage of the job search, you will feel ready for the interview. Starting at the beginning, try resources that will help match your interests and experiences to a career with eParachute. Get assistance with resume building with resume templates and OptimalResume, complete with video mock interviews. Best of all, LIVE Career Tutors are available every day from 2p.m. to 11p.m.


Morningstar provides data on investment offerings, including stocks, mutual funds, and similar vehicles, along with real-time global market data.

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage

Offers ready access to Standard & Poor's premium content such as industry surveys, stock reports and fund reports.

Value Line

A comprehensive source of information and advice that offers reports, stock lookup, timeliness ranking, portfolios and more.

Educational Videos

Educational Games

Con 'em If You Can - FINRA
Learn first-hand about the types of persuasion tactics used to perpetrate financial fraud, so that you’ll be better able to defend against them.

Gen i Revolution - Personal Finance Game
This online game gives you the chance to learn important personal finance skills as you play and compete against fellow young adults.

Moneytopia - FINRA
In this online game your goal is to successfully manage your money throughout life, until you finally achieve your Big Dream.

Web Links

Love Your Money
Access online courses to learn basic principles and techniques for money managment and investing.

Money Geek
Free financial tools, calculators, and resources to simplify choices for your money and your future.

FDIC Teen Money Smart
Age-appropriate curriculums that are designed to promote financial understanding in young people.

FINRA - Con 'em If You Can
Learn first-hand about the types of persuasion tactics used to perpetrate financial fraud, so that you’ll be better able to defend against them - See more at:

Money Smart Week
Access more games and other great resources for managing your money.

My Credit
Whether your planning on buying a car or planning for college find many of the tools and resources you need here to start planning.


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