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watch it!

Did you attend an event at the Library lately? Check to see if we captured you and your friends "in the zone"!

Start Quote Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside them. And it's much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world.  ˜Neil Gaiman End Quote
Teen Librarian Shelly
Teen Librarian Sara
Teen Librarian Charlie

where in the world is charlie?

We wish teen librarian Charlie Hacker well as he sets off for an 18 month deployment as part of the 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Ohio Army National Guard. Watch this space for periodic updates from Charlie, follow his unit on his Combat Team's facebook page or the KFOR Multi-national Battle Group East facebook page and check out his photo albumn!

11/20/2016: "We finally made it to Kosovo and Camp Bondsteel. We carried out the transfer of authority ceremony on 19 November, where we took over command of KFOR Multi-national Battle Group East. The history is rich and the scenery is great here in Kosovo. There are many Roman ruins and the Church of the Black Madonna (church where mother Teresa found her calling) is near Camp Bondsteel. They also love the U.S. here. It is not uncommon to see an Albanian flag and an American flag flying outside of a business or a home. A lot of the highways here are named after Americans. There is Bill Clinton Blvd, Beau Biden Hwy and George Bush Highway. Mount Duke which overlooks Bondsteel is stunning. Food here is amazing. One of my new favorite restaurants is Apollonia 1991 in Faerizaj, one of the best places to eat ever. "